As a renewable energy developer, with more than 8 years of solar development experience in Japan; Apricum Manila was established in February 2016 with the purpose to transfer our technology, expertise, knowledge and financing capabilities from Japan into the Philippines. Since then, we became the official distributor of Jinko panels and established our local network of contractors and partners to successfully undertake any scale of solar rooftop projects with the highest quality possible.


Our unique solar rooftop business model comes with two main components; technology and finance. We provide not only the technology and skills to build the most efficient solar system, but also 100% finance for the project so that the client is not obligated to make a payment or purchase the system from the beginning. In short words, the client can build and save from a solar power system without any investment or payment.



NO INITIAL INVESTMENT FROM OUR CLIENT; we provide 100% financing to design, build and operate our rooftop solar systems without asking our clients to purchase them from the beginning or making initial payments for their development or construction.


OUR CLIENTS SAVES FROM THEIR ELECTRICITY BILLS; our rates are lower than the utility prices so the client saves from reduced electricity prices. i.e. for a 300KWH system, this equals to savings not less than 500,000PHP per year.


OUR CLIENTS ENJOY A FIXED ELECTRICITY RATE; although the electricity prices may rise in the future due to the increasing demand from the industry and available energy infrastructure, our customers are not influenced from such price fluctuations as their rates are fixed.


WE PROVIDE SUPPORT AFTER BUILDING THE SYSTEM; we value long-term client relationships and undertake the responsibility to operate and maintain the system with the highest capacity for at least 20 years.


THE CLIENT OWNS THE SYSTEM;  we hand over the complete ownership rights of our solar system to our client from the 21st year.



















After the client gets in touch with Apricum and expresses interest to build a solar system on their building rooftop; our engineers require the following documents;


  • Plans and pictures of the building and rooftop,

  • Electricity bills from the last six months,

  • The company’s latest financial audit,


Our engineers then conduct a site visit if necessary, design a self-consumption solar rooftop system and prepare a proposal for the client. This proposal provides a unique offer for the client that;

  • Apricum does not require any investment from the client to build the system. In return, we sign a lease agreement with our customers so that the client pays only for the amount the system has successfully produced. Thereby, the client has no financial risks that is associated with the quality of the system. On the other hand, we operate and maintain the system for the highest efficiency possible.


  • The client saves from the reduced price of electricity. We DEFINITELY propose a lower number than what the client is currently paying. For example, if a client uses 100,000Kwh per month and we propose a price difference of 2PHP/kwh, the client saves around 2,500,000PHP per year. And that is without any investment requirement from the client!


  • Even if the electricity prices could rise in the future; by applying our business model, our clients reduce the risks associated with such price fluctuations by fixing their electricity price for at least 20 years.


  • Finally, the client has also the opportunity to advertise the system as their social environmental responsibility and profit from additional advantages born from renewable energy laws.

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