Apricum Corporation is a Japanese company with branches and partners operating both in Europe and the Southeast Asia with a main purpose to successfully deploy manpower between different continents;

- As an authorized Japanese recruitment agency; to place high caliber foreign professionals, many with specialist skills and language abilities across all major companies in Japan.

- As a Japanese career management and transition specialist; to educate foreign skilled professionals about Japanese culture and organizational practice way before they are deployed to Japan, to optimize people potential by assessing the right talent for the available job, to support individuals in successfully achieving their career goals, dreams and ambitions and finally, to monitor the after-deployment by providing Japanese-English bilingual support to maximize the efficiency of communication between the employer and employee.


In order to tackle the problem of labor shortages amid an aging population and falling birth rate, the Japanese government has announced new residency visa statuses to attract lower-skilled workers in certain industries, where there are severe labor shortages. It is assumed that by 2030, there would be tens of millions of foreign skilled labor working working within the Japanese community, who would contribute to the welfare and well-being of the Japanese society.

Apricum Corporation was established by a group of professionals with a multi-cultural background, who acknowledge the fact that working for a (Japanese) company involves a very high level of “emotion” and requires the ability to manage everyone’s feelings and regulate one’s expression of emotion to ensure appropriate personal interaction between the Japanese and foreigners. Furthermore, we believe that this transformation should be carefully planned as one cannot address the labor shortage in Japan by mechanically increasing the number of low-skilled workers without any career growth opportunities and exclusionary tendencies, the way unfortunately Japanese companies and manufacturers have come to expand their workforce to meet their production targets.

Therefore, it is our company policy to understand what both the employer and employee is expecting from such a transaction. From the employers’ perspective, it is important to equip such future workforce way before they are employed to Japan with a clear understanding of Japanese organizational practice and temperament needed to provide services at the level the employers expect from their own workers in Japan.

From the employees` perspective, it is clear that he/she is willing to know more and adapt into the Japanese culture and organizational practice, but there are individual emotions, desires and commitments that the employer should take into account so that the employee could profit the company with his/her maximum contribution.

 Acting as the Recruitment Agent and creating a bridge between Phillipines and Japan, we take care of every step on the way and beyond to finding you the best employee to your needs.

As the current incentives only require a college degree and Japanese language skills from a candidate to be deployed to Japan, we believe that it is not enough to successfully adapt into the Japanese local organizational culture unless the audience is screened for in advance for skills, knowledge and aptitude for emotional labor while the potential workers should also be well-informed about the context of Japanese environment, which gave birth to our education model.


Since the establishment of Apricum Corporation (Manila) in 2016, we have been developing partnerships with the local government, institutions, universities, technical vocational schools and top recruitment agencies in order to educate our workforce about the Japanese organizational environment and culture. The purpose of our education program is to increase the knowledge and awareness among Filipino/Filipina specialists to understand more about the Japanese work environment and equip future candidates with a clear understanding of our organizational practice and temperament needed to provide services at the level we expect from our own workers in Japan.

These educational workshops and seminars are repeated once a month; joined by both Japanese and non-Japanese professionals to enhance learning by initiating deeper conversations between two cultures and understand each other’s desires and mentality. Each workshop focuses on a different organizational and/or behavioral topic, which after the results are classified so that we can analyze how the educational process helped participants to revise their thinking.

As a result, we currently have a database of over 1,000 potential candidates while each individual’s performance is monitored step-by-step for over 2 years and separately recorded. The same database also enables us to monitor how our educational activities have helped participants to increase their awareness about the Japanese organizational environment.

Philippines Recruiting Chart

During the recruiting process, we additionally offer the service for the employer to have an interview with the candidates via Skype or face to face (by travelling to Philippines) to review the candidates and choose for themselves.

 Recruiting Process

Our Partner Organisations

With the cooperation of local and international networks, we will secure the exceptional "human resources" that have passed the strict recruitment screening and will follow up after entering Japan.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig 

 University of Pasig


Pasig City Institute of Science and Technology

Japan Philippines Institute of Technologies

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