As an experienced renewable energy developer for over 8 years; Apricum Corporation is dedicated to provide an all-in package that guarantees the rooftop solar facility to perform at its optimum efficiency for at least 25 years together with a financial package to attract the client’s interest with zero-risk.


For this reason, Apricum Corporation has established a partnership with the ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation, which also aims to expand its renewable energy portfolio in order to deliver a one-stop shop for the commercial and industrial sector including the following services;


- Pre-feasibility Studies at the Client’s Facilities

- Design and Engineering

- Contract Review

- Installation and Construction Services

- Permitting Services

- Operation and Maintenance

- Insurance and Guarantees

- Financial Arrangements


For example, as a reference below; the design, development and construction of a 300KW rooftop system would require no initial investment from the customer while our clients would pay back only the amount (as a lease) they have already saved from the electricity production of our system. Furthermore, as the clients will own the system after the lease payments are finished in about 5 years, the client would save around PHP 70,000,000 during the total operational lifetime of the system of minimum 25 years.

Apricum and ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation accredited partnership will assure you that;


  • We provide customized designs based on the technical assessments of the client’s facility,

  • We only use Bloomberg Tier 1 components, which is the top technology available,

  • We provide financing up to 7 years without any down payment,

  • We provide at least 10 years warranty for all major components,

  • We provide one year service maintenance warranty.


For a quotation, please contact us at  together with (a) plans and pictures of your building rooftop, (b) your electricity bills from the last six months and (c) latest financial audit.   

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